Enforcing Lunch Rules


Photo by Luke Borgmann

Students enjoying their free time during third lunch.

Everyone knows rules are there for a reason.  And yes, sometimes they can be annoying.  But what about at lunch?  Are there rules? Do teachers enforce them? What can students get away with?  The answers to these questions may come as a shock.

It was 2017, second quarter, first lunch, and a sophomore boy was eating his food without a utensil.  While he was doing this a teacher came up and said, “No one wants to see that, stop it right now.”

“No one wants to see that, stop it right now.”

Now you might think, “Ok, the rules must be pretty strict here at East High then, right?” Wrong.  Lets move forward to a more recent situation.  First lunch, third quarter of this year.

A girl and a guy were chasing, hitting and kicking each other around the lunchroom.  The guy even pushed the girl onto her back.  Bystanders were looking around seeing what the teachers were going to do about it.  They waited, and waited, and nothing.  The teachers didn’t do a single thing.

Just ask around, there are many stories just like these where either a kid gets in trouble for something little, or gets away with something a lot bigger.  The lunch enforcers need to make up their minds and figure out what is a punishable offense, and what they can let slide because this doesn’t seem fair.

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