To the Movies with Expressions

Since the beginning of East High.  The varsity concert choir, Singers, has put on a show at the end of the year.  It’s a student lead project that incorporates dancing and singing in a themed show that the students put together.  Ever since Singers has been more popular in the Show Choir world, the show has improved.


This year, the students chose the theme, Movies.  Some of the movies they chose from were Titanic, Footloose, and High School Musical.  Singers created the show, found the music, practiced at each other’s houses, and acquired their own costumes.  It’s the highlight of the year for many in the group.


They performed Friday and Saturday March 11th and 12th.  It was very popular among fellow vocal and band students and their parents.  The show was entertaining and fun-filled.  They had a very talented student band to play along and even have there own songs between the performances.  To show also had funny guest appearances from the teachers in the vocal music department: Mr. Epperson, Ms. Wissink, and Mrs. Aliwarga.


Expressions is a great end of the year project for the talented students in Singers.  It’s a strong tradition that keeps improving as the years go by.  Don’t miss the amazing experience and make sure to attend next year’s show.