Prom at the Enchanted Forest


Prom poster created by junior Mya Miller.

Prom night is approaching and while students are busy buying their dresses and tuxes, East’s prom committee is hard at work finalizing the details that go into making prom night one to remember. The theme this year, decided by elected committee members Alex Tessendorf, Jared Linscott, and Anisha Kadubandi is enchanted forest. In order to create a venue that is appealing to students and creates a picture perfect prom, the committee spends time selecting and ordering decor that fits the theme. Students can expect to see a lot of greenery and flowers to decorate the venue. This year there are so many things students can look forward to as prom night is getting closer. “Definitely look forward to the scenery,” says Mya Miller, a junior this year that helped to advertise the event, “it’s going to be a really beautiful venue.” Students can look for a professional photographer who will make small gifts and personalized images. As for a background for photos, the committee will be composing a backdrop decorated fully with greenery to make the photos the best. On the day of prom and the weeks leading up to prom night, the committee will diligently work at setting up the venue with all the decor they’ve accumulated. Miller says, “I’m excited to see how it is, and I’m most excited for Post Prom after.” After prom at the PlaMor Ballroom make sure to head to Post Prom at 11 to play games and have a chance to win prizes! The prom committee is eager to see all the students on April 13th at the PlaMor from 8-11!