How can we save live performances?

COVID changes the emotional experience of live music


Photo by Aden Buggi

Bryan Gilbert, junior at Lincoln East, stands tall in his belief for keeping live performances at its prime. “It kinda sucks because there are not many opportunities of going places and wearing mask sucks,” he said.

Citizens of the United States and many other countries have been sucked into a pandemic, COVID-19. It has destroyed relationships, equality and the economy. Many people have been confused and stressed since the start of COVID in March 2020. The whole overview of this virus has impacted people across the globe with many different effects. Music is an important aspect for millions of people on this planet. In hopes of preventing the spread of COVID-19, concerts all over have been cancelled. We do not know what is to come looking forward to surrounding the topic of musical performances.
I asked a few people their opinions and feelings involving music during this pandemic. “Music helps me through tough times,” stated Bryan Gilbert, a Junior of Lincoln East and bassist in the band, Revelations. Bryan went on giving his positive feedback for having free online performances because of COVID. It is good to hear enlightened thoughts based on how we can think of this virus.
Not everyone is the same, for Wyatt Bolton, a loyal friend and junior of East High, explained, “I find myself not listening to the music, but using it as background noise.” Wyatt perceives concerts as making him feel “normal.”
Jason Buggi, music enthusiast stated, “It is just a lot of fun because you are there with a bunch of people you don’t even know to enjoy the same music. You point to a guy across the pit and he looks at you and you both just point at each other and say, ‘Yeah!’’
While not everyone misses concerts, is there a way live performances can take place during the harsh times of COVID, given that many people enjoy them? Life is subjective to solving problems. How can concerts be kept alive?
“During covid-19, I don’t think we can,” Bryan said, with Wyatt agreeing with the sentiment. Jason stated concerts can be kept alive by having less strict regulations on how we get together.
Although Bryan and Wyatt have no hopes for the concerts during COVID, there are others such as Jason, who have opposite perspectives. Concerts can still be going on, such as Metallica performing on a virtual screening for drive in to prevent the spread of the virus. Even though virtual concerts allow music to be integrated into how the world is currently, Jason and Wyatt both explained how they want the normal past back to the present day.
How can live shows be held within our schools?
“…this is no different than the flu, so go back to how it was last year,” said Jason. Again though, not everyone is on the same page as Jason, for some want ideas on what we can do to prevent the spread to others.
“Yeah. I mean like, we can just do a class setup pretty much, just in like the cafeteria or auditorium. Due to covid we have to take actions in which we have social distancing, which can be done in a big room with many chairs,” expressed Wyatt.
Even if we have concerts in a cafeteria, it is important to keep our spirits alive. Throughout COVID, it is known people have been more focused on themselves physically more than mentally and spiritually. Bring back concerts: the world needs to feel their spirits rise again.