After a very long hiatus our favorite scarlet speedster is back on ‘The Flash’ on The CW every Tuesday


Photo by The CW

Our favorite speedster is back on our small screens every Tuesday night on the CW.

“The Flash” is a very popular show on The CW based on DC’s “The Flash” comics. The show is back for season seven starring Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Jesse L. Marten, and so many other amazing actors. When pandemic hit, the show was forced to stop filming and was put on its longest hiatus, but now it is back in full force for all to enjoy. Beware: if you haven’t yet watched the first episode of the season, there will be spoilers below.
The CW did a great job on picking up the show exactly where it left off. Right when the episode starts there is already trouble in Central City and Barry only has 1% of his speed left, and Iris is still stuck in the Mirrorverse. While Team Flash is trying to solve those two problems, Cecile is trying to figure out some information of her own over at CCPD.
In the first part of the episode, Nash Wells finds out a way to get Barry’s artificial speed force up and running, but is scared because in order for it to work he has to die and he’s not so sure he’s ready for that. This shows so much character growth from when we first met him – he doesn’t want to forgive himself for what has happened in the past. Once he forgave himself he learned there are so many other reasons to live life.
Over at CCPD Cecile uses her telepathic meta powers to question Rosalind Dillion about working for Black Hole and any information she could get about it. While in questioning we find out Rosalind is also a meta human. We learn that Rosalind started off with telepathic powers but learned to expand her powers to do so much more. This led Cecile to experiment with her own powers and let them expand. This was super cool to see because she went from almost losing her powers a few seasons ago to now becoming more and more powerful.
In the Mirrorverse Iris is doing everything she can do to get back to Barry and the rest of her family. She ends up running into herself while trying to find a way out. Meanwhile, Eva McCulloch is doing everything she can do to take her husband’s company down and keep Iris trapped.
As the episode goes on things only get worse for Team Flash. Nash is desperate so he comes up with a different version of the plan and explains to Allegra and Barry that Allegra can get all the Wells particles that are in him and put them in the artificial speed force to make it work. It didn’t end up working, and Allegra was discouraged that she couldn’t make it work.
While Cecile is still at CCPD questioning Rosalind, she found out that Eva had someone tie a bomb to an airplane that held her husband’s things that had to do with black whole. She alerted the rest of Team Flash immediately.
Barry was worried and scared because he wasn’t fast enough to stop it. He had less than 1% of his speed, but if he didn’t stop the bomb lots of people were going to die. This is when Nash and the rest of the Wells in his head decided to make the call and sacrifice themselves so Barry could run again. This showed so much character growth in every single Wells. When they all first came to Team Flash most of them only cared about themselves and weren’t interested in the teamwork aspect of life, but grew until they were all willing to sacrifice themselves for the team that helped them grow. Barry was very against this idea – he didn’t want to see his friend go. This part was so sad to see such an amazing character go. Once Nash and all the Wells sacrificed themselves, Barry got his speed back and he could run once more, so Barry ran towards the plane and once again saved Central City. As always the episode left off with one big cliffhanger.
The CW did an amazing job on kicking off season seven of “The Flash.” It answered lots of our questions but gave us lots more too. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out.