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Editor-In-Chief: Angel Trinh
Hi! I’m Angel! I’ve been dreaming to become a famous writer since I was in sixth grade where I made an entire group of friends whom were all writers. We all created and shared our individual fictional stories via Google Drive where we could provide feedback for one another. Meeting these people and forming this coterie sparked my passion for writing, which triggered my interest in the school newspaper. I performed well during my first year to gain the role as Online Editor for my second. Now I’m entering my third and I have adopted the name “Chief,” as in Editor-In-Chief. I love the English language, crafting stories, and playing with various elements of writing, such as alliteration, analogies, and assonance, in order to attract an audience’s attention as a dancer would experiment with new movements while the world watches with wide eyes. As you may have guessed, I plan to major in journalism and creative writing, or English in its entirety.

Angel Trinh, Editor In Chief

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Angel Trinh: Editor-in-Chief (Story)
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