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Chynna Burgess: Voices Editor


Hey guys, I’m Chynna Burgess.  Chynna as in the Asian country, Burgess as in the colonial government building.

I’m a senior here at East High, which means this is my third and final year of serving on the Oracle Staff.  I am currently the editor of our Voices section, and it’s safe to say that this year the Oracle will be playing devil’s advocate in this section.

Outside of writing for our lovely newspaper, I find most of my time committed to playing Legend of Zelda, chilling in a Pikachu onesie, and theatre. I’m not kidding when I say those three are my passions in life.

More or less theatre is the main passion.  I’m one of East’s ITS officers (International Thespian Society), and one of the lead technicians here.  I have interests in pursuing theatre after high school, focusing on lighting design.  At this point I’m set to either go to UNL or SCC, but as the year finishes out, I’ll make a decision.

For those who know me, I’m sure you can see now that I’ve grown from the angsty teenager of my sophomore, junior, and quite a huge chunk of senior year.  At least I hope I have by the time I graduate…

Probably not…

Welcome to the Oracle…

Chynna Burgess, Voices Editor

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