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Nicholas Rippe
Well hey howdy hey my name is Nick Rippe and I get to write about myself for school again yay. I was born on September sixth in the year all of our technology was supposed to explode or something, 2000. Throughout my young life, while everyone else was playing kickball or whatever, I was in the corner drawing dragons and pondering the structure of a small business where I started “selling” drawings of pokemon to the other kids in exchange for drawings of money and weirdly mafia-like favors despite us all being in grade school.

Weirdly enough, I had the right idea of the profession I wanted to go into, selling drawings except for real money. Luckily, I found some actual friends during my childhood so I could experience the magic of juvenile adventure and whimsy before the depressing concept of adulthood and responsibility set in. I already have enough on my hands trying to get my cat, Champion, to not get himself killed by trying to play with my other cat, Sarafina, who wants to maul him to death, while my third cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, waits for me to feed him.

If it weren’t enough trouble already, I seem to get myself into situations where I probably could have died somewhat often these days. I remember nearly camping in a canyon that would be flooded the following night thanks to some lightning that hit a tree next to the trail when I was heading to the tenting spot during a boy scout hiking trip in New Mexico.

Recently, I survived my second car accident with only minor bruises and a possible concussion. It makes me thankful that I get to walk home and drink off-brand sparkling water from Dollar Tree while watching Lazytown on Netflix without being dead. While I’m still around, I hope I can help out East’s newspaper by writing articles and maybe even keep a decent comic up and running in there.

Nicholas Rippe, Artist/Writer

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