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Embray’s Eats: Cactus–twice the price, quadruple the spice

Emily Bray, A&E Editor | January 11, 2019

Restaurants backed by the owners of Venue are expanding around Lincoln. Cactus Modern Mexican & Cantina, located at 56th Street and Highway 2, opened up for business on October 31. The new restaurant took the place of a previous Mexican restaurant, Chevy’s. The Oracle’s Online Editor, Jordan Brandt, and I beat the evening rush to take a taste of what Cactus had to offer. Because we had arrived...

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Embray’s Eats: What’s Brewing at Scooters?

Emily Bray, A&E Editor | October 12, 2018

The Lincoln area is blessed with a plethora of thriving coffee businesses to choose from. Between these coffee franchises, they all give off their own unique aura to bring in a wide variety and selection of customers. Senior Aleah Miller and I went to a handful of popular coffee shops across town to evaluate our experience there, and show you what we thought is the best of the best according to product...

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