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Helen Cooper better known as Mrs. Cooper in the East community is one of the many amazing teachers at East. Mrs.Cooper teaches English 10, Holocaust Lit, Pop Culture Lit and she is East’s assistant theater director.

Mrs. Cooper: One of the kindest teachers at East!

Carly Jones, Staff Writer October 25, 2021

Helen Cooper better known as Mrs. Cooper in the East community is one of the many amazing teachers at East. Mrs.Cooper teaches English 10, Holocaust Lit, Pop Culture Lit and she is also East’s assistant...

Mr. Funk, taken by Elliot Grant on Oct. 2, 1:17 pm

The legacy of smartphones

Elliot Grant, Editor October 22, 2021

Ah, smartphones. What would we ever do without them? I mean, you’re probably reading this on your smartphone at this very moment. Five to six hours a day on average, you’re staring at a six inch illuminated...

The One Act cast plans to perform James and the Giant Peach in the East High auditorium on November 10th.

Shining a spotlight on East’s One Act performance

Izzy Apel, Staff Writer October 21, 2021

The cast of the One Act began practices the week of September 20th and are planning to perform on the 10th of November in the East High auditorium. Theatre is a unique activity that benefits students in...

East students at the Millard North versus East High football game on September 17, 2021 at Seacrest Field. The theme for the night was referee and the student section was filled.

Meritocracy in East Sports

Brisa Odenthal, Editor October 20, 2021

Meritocracy is defined by the Mariam-Webster dictionary as “a system, organization, or society in which people are chosen and moved into positions of success, power, and influence on the basis of their...

Sophomore Zoe Campbell in a zoom meeting with North Stars Chinese teacher Coral Su, in 8th period Chinese 3

Students are taking Chinese in person this year, but on Zoom

Jada Vogel, Staff Writer October 20, 2021

Chinese, not a language many think about learning. At East students are fortunate that they are able to finish out their last years of Chinese thanks to teacher Chun-Yi Su, also known as Coral, from...

47 Lincoln East students meet at 7am on September 29th, 2021 for the third Youth Revival Meeting. Students reading over and sharing what stood out to them in John 4:1-15.

Youth Revival changing the culture of East

Emery Erickson, Staff Writer October 15, 2021

Just because teachers aren’t allowed to teach religion, or read the bible in schools, doesn’t mean students can’t. Sometime last year, junior, Treyson Bott, felt a calling on his heart to start a...

Easts new athletic secretary: Kristy Manzitto

Meet East’s new athletic secretary: Kristy Manzitto

Hailey Anderson, Staff Writer October 15, 2021

As the 2020-2021 school year came to a close, Lincoln East’s athletic secretary of 17 years, Donna Straight, announced her retirement. Taking her place, is one that many may recognize as the receptionist...

The Funks, Derek, Lauren, and their son Leo. They are both teach in the English department at Lincoln East. While they might not work together, they make a great team.

A twist on highschool sweethearts

Cady Blackstock, Editor October 14, 2021

At Lincoln East, there are many correlations between last names around the school. If it’s brother-sister, parent-child, or husband-wife. Some of those correlations are the Hovorkas, Lotts, and the Funks,...

iStock learning/speaking language concepts
by Oko_SwanOmurphy is licenced under CC BY 2.0

A peek into the East World Language Department

Kamryn Snyder, Editor-in-Chief October 14, 2021

The World Language department at East High School consists of Spanish, French, German, and Chinese courses. Across the board, all of these curriculums aim to not only teach the language, but also to educate...

Students are now being monitored when entering and exciting the bathroom. Administration has taped signs on bathroom doors to warn students.

Devious lick trend causes vandalization on school property

Peyton Svehla, Writer October 13, 2021

During the month of September at Lincoln East High School, the devious lick trend has caused destruction on school property. Soap dispensers have been stolen, bananas have been shoved down toilets, toilets...

Martin the Spartan at Easts Friday 17, 2021 Football game. Pumping up the crowd while high fiving kids.

Meet Martin the Spartan

Sabrina Benford, Staff Writer October 13, 2021

Disclaimer: The following is a creative story based on the made up character, Martin the Spartan. This story is made up of only fiction. Everyone knows about Martin the Spartan. He’s East’s school...

Security guard Abby Hall in the security guard club car in front of the school on September 24. This car is used to transport the security guards from place to place while outside on the East campus.

The reason the Lincoln East Security guards take their job so seriously

Ava Bartels, Editor October 12, 2021

Jared Wolfe, Thomas Norman, Tony Chapp, Vern Jiles, David Nitzsche, and Abby Hall are the six security guards that patrol East’s campus everyday. From around 7 a.m. until whenever they’re able to leave,...

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