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The Lack of Spirit Week

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What was the deal with the pep rally? The excitement and fun is considered to be the norm for these events, but that seemed to be the opposite reaction from most people at Thursday’s pep rally. The consensus of the pep rally was that it was OK but it could have been a lot better. “Considering we only have 3-4 pep rallies a year means this should have more thought put into it to make it more exciting” Said senior David Becker.

Hype seems to be a word that surrounds the pep rallies. No hype was seen at the rally, but the Apollinaires brought some life back to the event with their crazy and exciting routine. “The Apollinaires were good as always. I also like how they only used one song and not a bunch of remixes.” Senior Jake Borgmann said.

Teachers in the past have been recognized for their funny and outgoing personalities. “Teachers need to be more involved in the rallies” Said senior Jack McGowan. Previous pep rallies have included teachers in games like pickup basketball and being pied in the face. “I think individual talents need to be recognized, whether it be a dancing act or something like that” added senior Julian Lowe on was to improve the rallies.

Small details can hurt the pep rallies. It was hard to hear the MC’s on the microphones throughout the rally. Small detail, but it can go a long ways in improving the rallies. All in all the pep rallies need more ‘pep’ in them.

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The Lack of Spirit Week