A Most Marvelous Musical

“…an entertaining performance filled with many emotions.”


Photo by Luke Borgmann

The lead Cinderella was played by Camryn Self and Prince charming by Turner Linafelter. Photo By Luke Borgmann

Sarah Winterbauer, Staff Writer

On October 26-28 Lincoln East High School’s Cinderella was performed by East’s music alumni.  If you didn’t catch it, here’s what you missed.

Each performer’s voice fit perfectly with their character.  Everyone sounded professional and had maturity in their singing.  One person that stood out was The Queen played by MaKenna Lindgren.  She had great control of her voice and possess a lot of talent.  It was clear to the audience that everybody on stage cared about the musical and performed to their best ability.  The dancing was very clean and had lots of personality.

In the Friday show, there were only a couple mistakes made, but everyone acted professionally and fixed the problems quickly.  An example was in the first big dance scene where one of the characters dropped “caviar” from a platter.  After the dance sequence, during transition, another cast member leaving stage discreetly picked it up and solved the problem.

Huge thanks to the students behind the scenes.  The set and props looked very well made and were moved very efficiently between scenes.  One of the best looking props was the carriage and horses.  It was a large movable carriage with beautiful white horse head pieces made by the crew.  Lighting and music was phenomenal.  The band sounded and looked great.

All in all, the cast and audience had a great time and it was an entertaining performance filled with many emotions.