Why I Wrote The Devil’s Advocate

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One of the most recent editorials The Oracle released seems to have caused quite an uproar in our school.  I am unashamed to say that I am the writer, one of the hopes of not signing my name to begin with was that the focus would be on the article itself and not the writer.  Yet it’s come to a point where I must say that I am the writer. I hope you all enjoyed the story.

To begin with I am a black woman, who is fairly moderate in my views of this world.  I’m fairly good friends with many of you that have complained about this article.

This is a piece of satire, yes, a piece of satire in case you missed the pentagram at the top.  My intention of this article was to make you uncomfortable, to challenge your ideology, and for many of you this happened.The views this article expressed aren’t entirely mine, but represent people around me, around this school, this country, and this world.  These views are underrepresented as well as looked on with disgust. I don’t agree with some of it, but I can respect it. The whole goal of this article was to be able to look at these views logically, and to not let the emotions of the situation override everything else.