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Why I Wrote The Devil’s Advocate

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One of the most recent editorials The Oracle released seems to have caused quite an uproar in our school.  I am unashamed to say that I am the writer, one of the hopes of not signing my name to begin with was that the focus would be on the article itself and not the writer.  Yet it’s come to a point where I must say that I am the writer. I hope you all enjoyed the story.

To begin with I am a black woman, who is fairly moderate in my views of this world.  I’m fairly good friends with many of you that have complained about this article.

This is a piece of satire, yes, a piece of satire in case you missed the pentagram at the top.  My intention of this article was to make you uncomfortable, to challenge your ideology, and for many of you this happened.The views this article expressed aren’t entirely mine, but represent people around me, around this school, this country, and this world.  These views are underrepresented as well as looked on with disgust. I don’t agree with some of it, but I can respect it. The whole goal of this article was to be able to look at these views logically, and to not let the emotions of the situation override everything else.  


3 Responses to “Why I Wrote The Devil’s Advocate”

  1. matthew squires on March 12th, 2018 1:43 PM

    i agree with every point you made in the article completely. the fact that all these people got so offended by it just proves your point more. you shouldn’t have to apologize for that and have no shame it was all factual and i respect your way of getting people to challenge there ideology. sadly this world has become far to sensitive i’m not sure if we can change but i sure would like to. j seeing that this article which respectfully points out flaws in these movements and society cause so many to cause death threats to you and to say all this awful stuff they should have used all that energy to really think about what you were saying and not get triggered immediately and disregard the whole point behind it .

  2. Olivia Hutchison on March 26th, 2018 3:47 PM

    To say you agree with the points made in the article is great. That’s your right. It was the author’s right as well (though they have stated it was a piece of satire). However, to say these views were factual I feel is very much erroneous on your part. The statements were emotionally-fueled opinions based off their own ideology. Assuming I remember the article correctly, there were no facts or statistics. The fact is that this article held the potential to open up our communication on controversial topics and allow for more open communication, but it was poorly executed and turned into little more an assault on the minorities of the school. I am among those who disregarded the article, but not because I was “triggered” but because it was a piece clearly unaligned with my own view, which I came into through a fair amount of trial and consideration. You can agree all you want, but please don’t label your opinions as factual.

  3. Quinton Thomas on March 13th, 2018 2:02 AM

    If you wanna approach this with logic and not emotions then provide a single fact in the article just one. It’s all just opinions with not a single thing to support them. It doesn’t matter if the article was satire or not it definitely wasn’t written in a way that showed that it was satirical writing and was incredibly offensive. I don’t care if you’re trying to “challenge my opinions” if you want to do that then present an argument with elegance and class, don’t just state the offensive stereotypes that these communities, mine included, are trying to get rid of. Also, next time don’t say gay men are just attention seeking when the suicide rate of LGBT youth is already 3 times higher than their straight peers. (According to the CDC in 2016). Maybe that’s why homosexuality is talked about more than heterosexuality. In the future think about the actual effect your articles with have on the reader and make sure they match the intention you want because while your intention with “devils advocate” was understandable the article you wrote doesn’t match that intention at all and is still incredibly offensive to many different groups of people.

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