Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmas?

April 1st. It was a special Easter that also happened to fall on the same day as April Fools.  Many were excited for a fun day.  It’s not a surprise to have a cold Easter day in Nebraska, but what would happen that day would baffle everyone.

In Lincoln, Nebraska the citizens woke to a sad sight of snow falling.  An April Fools Easter it was indeed.  It soiled many people’s plans of a quick outdoor easter egg hunt.  Those who went to church found slow, heavy traffic and slippery roads.

Lilliana Irvine explained her experience at church that day, “I felt bad for the moms who bought their girls cute Easter dresses and couldn’t wear them.”  Though many did suffer through the cold and put on a dress, other girls chose to wear a more weather appropriate attire to church.

As always in these situations, people found ways to add humor to the shocking weather events.  Jokes like the one below were circulating the internet being shared by family and friends.

A meme being shared around the internet on Easter, April 1st, 2018.

Though the weather conditions ruined the plans of many, it will be a funny day to look back on in the future.  Tell us your wintery Easter experiences in the comments below.