New ID procedures are dangerous, inefficient

This was definitely not the welcome back that I was expecting.

Walking into my first day of senior year and instead of the normal “good morning”, I get greeted with someone yelling at me to scan my ID and move along. This was definitely not the welcome back that I was expecting, along with many other students who ended up waiting in a line that stretched all the way to the gym doors just to enter the building. This new system created to supposed to help with our security has created crowding that is putting us in potential danger, not keeping us safe. One student commented, “If there was a shooter we would all be dead.” This student does have a point. With the way students were lined up outside slowly moving forward, it allows for there to be enough time for a threat to cause great harm. Combined with the increase of students now attending East, using this slow of a system is inefficient and does more bad than it does good. In order to ensure the safety of our students, we need to find a way to keep any threats out of the building, along with a safe way for our students to enter the school. Though I do think that it will take some time to devise a new plan, it is something that we need prioritized.