Oracle Opinions: Lilliana on Guns


Casually waiting in line waiting to reach the front glancing around The North Face store to see if I missed anything as my eyes stop and stare at the handgun in a holster connected to a man’s belt who only stood a few feet away from me. My heartbeat quickened as beads of sweat started forming on my forehead. At any moment that man had the power to end my life. I turned to my mom motioning for her to look. All she had to say was he was doing it for attention, but I couldn’t shake the fear that I felt. As soon as I had the time I rushed into finding out if carrying a weapon out in the open like that was legal. What I found was that open carry of a firearm is permitted in Nebraska. Meaning that your average Jo could openly carry a gun showing you just how much power he has in any given situation. For those of us who don’t associate guns with anything positive it has become very difficult to function when confronted with them in public. Now I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be any more guns, I’m just trying to say that there should be a more intense process in which one has to go through to buy a firearm. I hope that the future generations don’t have to worry at this deep of a level about who among them has the ability to end their life.