Learning Hubs a good use of time for staff and students

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The recent influx of students has created eight period days to keep classroom space open, and longer lunch periods with it. Learning hubs were created to help students during this new time change. Because of the longer lunch period, the first and last fifteen minutes of the period have Learning Hubs open for students so they may get help with all the available subjects, such as English, math, science, economics, and history.

There are teachers in the Learning Hubs during all three lunch periods where you can take and make up tests, get help with assignments, and get a reteaching of lessons, or getting a copy of the day’s notes or the previous day’s notes. Thus helping students catch up, or improve their grades with a better understanding of the subject. Best part about it, it can help students make up tests without interfering with their daily schedules.

With the addition of Learning Hubs, teachers and students alike believe that they are helping the students with their education. Ms. Sphon, one of the math hub teachers, is happy students are utilizing the Learning Hubs. “A good amount [of students], it seems to be that kids typically come in for the last 15 minutes of lunch to do it.” When asked about if this will continue, Sphon responded with, “Yes, at least until there is a new high school built.” Overcrowding is one of the main influencers as to why the Learning Hubs were started, but have evolved into an excellent use of time for both students and teachers.