Lincoln East band adds to win streak at Harvest of Harmony competition


Photo by Luke Borgmann

The Lincoln East marching band won their third consecutive Harvest of Harmony competition on October 6 in Grand Island.

The Harvest of Harmony marching band competition was held on Saturday, October 6th, and was quite the day to remember. The competition marked the third consecutive win for the East High Marching band and Color Guard in the Harvest of Harmony competition in Grand Island. The Spartans competed against Grand Island, North Plath, and North East. With the excitement of the win, the marching band and color guard have high hopes for the last two marching band competitions.

“Because we won best field show, even when everybody really didn’t think we could do it, when we did it, it really brought up our confidence. So I believe we’ll be even better at the state competitions,” Jazlyn Crews of color guard said.

When talking to the alto section leader, Kara Steward was happy to say that, “It went pretty well, although there were some mistakes, Mr. Thorpe thought it was one of our best performances this season,” said Steward. “I feel that if the rest of the band competitions that we’re in go as it did, we’ll do great.”

With a well executed and performed routine, the marching band and color guard had sealed the win with their performance against competitors at Grand Island. With the confidence and excitement for the rest of the competition season, we’ll just have to watch them march their way to victory.