Embray’s Eats: What’s Brewing at Scooters?


Senior Aleah Miller and I enjoying our Scooter’s beverages at the 84th and Rockledge location.

The Lincoln area is blessed with a plethora of thriving coffee businesses to choose from. Between these coffee franchises, they all give off their own unique aura to bring in a wide variety and selection of customers. Senior Aleah Miller and I went to a handful of popular coffee shops across town to evaluate our experience there, and show you what we thought is the best of the best according to product quality, environment, and service.  

Scooter’s Coffee, located on 84th and Rockledge, and is one of eighteen different Scooter’s locations across Lincoln. Scooter’s offers signature drinks that make this particular location the busiest Scooter’s in Lincoln. The state rooted establishment offers hot, iced, and blended drinks, with various options to substitute for the healthier side of coffee. My personal favorite, the blended Caramelicious, is their signature drink, and what they’re most famous for. Aleah decided to get a blender from the secret menu, a Toffee Nut Caramelicious. According to Aleah, ”It was delicious. It took a regular Caramelicious to another level.” If you’re not a caffeine and espresso fanatic, Scooter’s offers yummy alternative options. Smoothies, Redbull drinks, iced and hot teas are popular choices, along with other options to satisfy your cravings. If you’re looking for something to pair with your drink, Scooter’s offers a wide selection of pastries and breakfast foods to complement your coffee. Aleah and I’s go-to is the plain bagel with cream cheese, extra toasted.

Aside from the quality of the product, Scooter’s customer service and environment is where many high school students, social groups, and meetings go to study and relax. Personally, I find it harder to remain focused in the Scooter’s environment, due to the busy and social distractions that can keep you from studying. Because this location is one of the busiest in the city, there are often times it’s hard to find a place to sit due to its popularity. Another downside to purchasing Scooter’s coffee is the price. Even though it’s an expensive treat, the quality is worth it. If you’re looking for all-around quality, visit Scooter’s on your way to East for a morning pick-me-up, after school to prepare for upcoming tests, or for a comfortable and enjoyable place to socialize.