Apply2College Day takes the stress out of college planning


Photo by Lori Hemmett (Courtesy photo)

(L to R) Peytie Mickells, Turner Linafelter, Elizabeth Jurich, Will Bounds, and Veronica Chapman participate in Apply2College Day. This special event was held last Tuesday for seniors to get help in the college planning process.

Last Tuesday, the Lincoln East counseling department, in conjunction with EducationQuest, held Apply2College Day for seniors. 125 members of the class participated. Students were allowed to leave their regular class periods and come to a computer lab where they could get help writing personal statements/essays, filling out college applications, completing the requirements for the FAFSA, and much more. College representatives from various schools came to give one advice to students about what they look for in college apps, how you should input courses, and just answer any questions students may have. Apply2College Day was started by EducationQuest nearly ten years ago in an effort to aid rural students across Nebraska who didn’t have access to college representatives or the internet at home to complete applications. It was a huge success and has spread to almost every high school across Nebraska. The day that schools participate isn’t what matters, but it’s the content that counselors and reps provide. Some schools take one day for 2-year colleges, one day for 4-year universities, and maybe a third day for trade school. East opted for doing everything on a Tuesday, but next year might have to do it on one of the longer school days, or maybe even two days. “Tuesdays are kind of a faster, furious pace but with the numbers we had this year, I’m not sure if Tuesdays can sustain the activity,” says Hemmet. “We’ll need to reevaluate for next year.”