Securing our safety: Spartan campus supervisors


Photo by Luke Borgmann

Ryan Lee is one of our four campus supervisors. He has a degree in nutrition, and also works part-time at the Hy-Vee fuel station.

At Lincoln East High, we have four campus supervisors that watch over the entire school and keep everything from turning into a war zone. I talked to Ryan Lee and Abby Hall, and asked them both a series of questions. I asked them what is the most stressful/interesting part about being the campus supervisors.  Ryan responded, “getting kids to class is the hardest part about the job. The big things will happen they are resolved easier than others.” With finals week coming up, everyone is stressing and rushing to get the grades up around this time of year. A lot of the students don’t go to class due to the fact that they aren’t passing. Our only female campus supervisor is Abby Hall an East High graduate. She has two other jobs outside of East, and would like to go to law school in a few years. While Ryan has a degree in nutrition and works in the fuel station at Hy-Vee part time. They insure the total safety of the building inside and out. They calm down the students who need it by taking them into a room alone and talking to them until they are return to their day as usual. Our security guards put the needs and safety of students as their first priority.