Embray’s Eats: Cactus–twice the price, quadruple the spice


Cactus is a new restaurant to come to Lincoln thanks to the owners of the Venue.

Restaurants backed by the owners of Venue are expanding around Lincoln. Cactus Modern Mexican & Cantina, located at 56th Street and Highway 2, opened up for business on October 31. The new restaurant took the place of a previous Mexican restaurant, Chevy’s.
The Oracle’s Online Editor, Jordan Brandt, and I beat the evening rush to take a taste of what Cactus had to offer. Because we had arrived around five, business was slow on this Wednesday night. Fast forward to around 6 o’clock, many families and groups of chatty friends started to fill up the seats. The service was exceptional; the servers constantly refilled our drinks and monitored our chips and salsa. The food was definitely of high quality and was brought out to us in a timely matter. Jordan and I both ordered the enchiladas, which came out to be $15, which in our opinion, is a little pricey. The meal provided us with a plentiful amount of food and even left us with leftovers, which makes up for the large price amount. I added a side of guacamole with my plate, which I highly recommend. Jordan says, “I thought the flavor of the food was good, it can be kind of pricey, especially for students.” Overall, our experience at Cactus was enjoyable, but I don’t know that it is a place that we will go on a regular basis.