LPS enforces new composting policy


Students line up to test out the new procedure for lunch waste. This method is meant to help our environment, beginning with schools within the LPS district.

Starting at beginning of this semester, East put a new system of composting and recycling what we can during our lunch periods. This system has been put in place in different high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools throughout Lincoln, and has all proven as a good way to lessen the amount of trash that fills our landfills. The system begins with a bin to empty any liquids from your milk cartons, then there is a bin to place your milk cartons that will later be recycled. After you recycle your carton, the remaining trash will go into two bins, one for compost, and one for anything that has to go to the landfill.

Kat Woener is a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has been coming to East during our lunches to help the students with the new system. She majors in Natural Resource Environmental Economics and she believes that this system makes a huge impact in cutting down the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill. Woerner stated, “the food is going to a composting facility and helps close economical loop so instead of being linear it’s a circular economy.” She also added, “that’s the way nature works.” Woener believes that this system can easily be enforced at more schools in other districts and could make an even larger impact. Hopefully, when other school districts see LPS enforcing this system they will follow our lead to help improve our environment.