Mandatory water restriction in Lincoln lifted; voluntary action still recommended


Photo by Jordan Brandt

Scooter’s Coffee at 84th and Rockledge has a sign here in place of the typical water container. The sign was posted in correspondence with the mandatory restriction that went into effect Sunday night.

This afternoon, the City of Lincoln announced that the previously mandatory water restriction is now downgraded to a Level 1, voluntary-type restriction.

Until the city can get their water plants near Ashland working fully again, citizens are being asked to temporarily and voluntarily reduce water usage. Students responded with how the previous restrictions affected them.

Brooke Sailer, 12 “It’s definitely made me more aware of how much water I use. It was interesting going out to eat and only seeing plastics, but that’s a small sacrifice to make right now.”

Josie Arduser, 12 “I know that I could get a drink of water if I needed to, but I kind of had a guilty conscious about it due to the [restrictions].”

The city has posted several tips on their website on how to use as little water as possible right now. They give the example of not watering your plants, which is odd, because all of the plants I’ve seen recently are dead.  You can also go out and purchase a more efficient toilet if your heart desires!

The new, voluntary restriction is likely to last a couple more days until final repairs are made. Until then, every little bit helps, so be a little more water conscious. Has this devastating time made you more aware of how you use water? Will you continue to reduce your usage after any restrictions?