NHS member Trevor Anderson has helped students prepare for the ACT.

The ACT is certainly the most daunting exam of our high school careers, but luckily we have an astounding group of seniors willing to assist the younger generation on the journey to getting those high scores that most are destined to achieve. Trevor Anderson, a proud member of NHS, is flying his way through the final days of his journey at Lincoln East High School and leaving a memorable trail behind him. A fellow class member, Suzie Cho, initially came to Trevor with big ideas about how they could help juniors study, practice, and ultimately be prepared for the troublesome test.

Primarily the first challenge was finding individuals willing to step up and take the leadership role of working to help with this idea. Being in National Honor Society turned out to be a tremendous help to Trevor, as he easily found nine driven workers who were prepared to step up. More so these helpers, being senior members of NHS and caring about their education and scholarships, have a lot of experience with this exam and have taken it at least one time already.

From here everything fell into place. Trevor organized the nine workers into three groups focusing on one main subject that is covered on the test. Then they collectively collaborated and scheduled one work day for each subject to take place after school in the media center. The workers that contributed found the best material that they could provide to any student that attended the prep work session and lent worthy advice to those students who were willing to listen. Trevor’s hard work and Suzie’s brilliant idea undoubtedly provided relief and assistance to juniors who were soaked in stress in the weeks leading up to the exam. As for the members of NHS willing to give up their free time, your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Tips From Trevor
As we now wait for these tension-filled 5 to 8 weeks for an ACT worker to simply throw our test into a scantron, here a few tips and tricks for those who intend on giving this another shot.
Spend time with your calculator! Getting used to the functions and being able to maneuver your way through the necessary equations will ultimately save you time throughout the minuscule amount of time that they offer you.
Bring a snack and drink! Although you are not permitted to eat or drink these while taking the test, it is very beneficial to have something to boost your energy during the 15 minutes allotted for the break.
Lastly, get a full night of rest! The night before no doubt has students quivering at the knees, seeing as though it has been made out to be a life or death test. But sleeping and waking up refreshed and ready to do your best is crucial to surviving through the five hours of torture.