Get Smart


Photo by Luke Borgmann

Hayden Rooney (Maxwell Smart) and Rhett Bothwell (Mr. Big) having a telephone conversation in East High’s production of Get Smart.

East High’s theater department is up and ready to go with the final show of the school year, Get Smart. I interviewed the stars of the show, Hayden Rooney and Carlee Riddle, who stared as Maxwell Smart and Agent 99. Rooney has done quite a few shows here at East. He was in the cabaret, The Places You’ll Go, our one-act, Four Little Words, and our musical, The Music Man, this past year. Get Smart is based on the 60s TV show. This came out around the same time the film industry was spitting out James Bond movies. They wanted to do something to make fun of the James Bond movies and decided to create a series about spies who are unlike Bond and are terrible at their job. It’s an action play with comedy, action, and a hint of romance. They told us to look out for a whole lot of silliness and pay attention to the people in the background. They all have a certain job and will all always be doing something. The play will certainly put a smile on your face. Showtimes are Thursday and Friday at seven and Saturday at two. Tickets are $7 at the door.