East welcomes new Vocal Music Director Mr. Aaron Zart


Vocal Music Director Mr. Aaron Zart

Everyone at one point or another has been new to East High, but while you may think Mr. Aaron Zart is a new addition this actually isn’t his first rodeo. Mr. Zart is one of the new Vocal Music Directors at Lincoln East. Just a few short years ago, he was a Spartan walking these halls just like us. After highschool, he went to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to become a teacher. He taught at Troy Buchanan High School for four years, where he helped direct a nationally recognized showchoir before coming to East. He wasn’t looking to leave his job at Troy but he was good friends with Mr. Epperson (the past Vocal Music Director) and understood when Mr. Epperson hinted that he was going to leave. Mr. Zart ended up getting the job and said that this was a great opportunity for him to grow personally and be closer to his family.

Mr. Zart loves showchoir and says, “Seeing highschool kids come together (to put) something beautiful into the world and work so hard (so that) 15 minutes (will) pay off is a really cool experience.” He wants this year and years to come to be fun! When he was a student at East, he loved school and the music program. He made many friends and special bonds with teachers and peers. He even knew in highschool that he wanted to become a teacher. When he was a junior in Singers, he sang a choral piece called “The Awakening” by Joseph Martin. In the song, the lyrics are, “let music never die in me forever let my spirit sing”, and when he sang that section he knew he was going to become a teacher. Mr. Zart is striving for excellence and hopes to stick to the music department’s motto, “Pursuing excellence by every measure.” So if you enjoy making music or want to get to know Mr. Zart more, don’t hesitate to join a music group next year at East!