Being an exchange student in America: America is weird, and I love it


Photo by Pozye Rasmussen

I’ve been in the United States for 4 weeks now as an exchange student from the Netherlands. I think America is a very weird country. Did you know that if you order a small drink you get a large one? Super weird…


I found out that Americans don’t always realize that Europe is a continent with several countries and that many things are just the same as in America. Since I have been here, people are asking me some weird questions like: 


“Do they have cars in the Netherlands?”

 “No, we take our bike everywhere.”

“Do you have mosquitoes in the Netherlands?” 

“Yes, and when they bite you die.“ 

“Does the Netherlands have oranges?” 

“No, we don’t like the color orange.”

“Do you have disney movies in the Netherlands?”

“No because the kids in the Netherlands only like horror movies.”


Someone even asked if we wear shoes in the Netherlands…“Yes, we only wear clogs.”


“Do police cars have sirens if there is an emergency?” 

“Yes, but they make animal noises.”


It’s like they think I’m an alien from another planet. I don’t feel offended by this at all because let’s be real: Americans are the real aliens here.


I would like to tell you more about what I’m doing in this strange weird country and about the differences between America and the Netherlands. For instance; driving, money, school, grades, culture, guns, money and flying hotdogs…Because let me tell you something; Americans are weird.