Back to school bug


With a surplus of students crammed into tight classroom quarters and  roaming the halls, the attendance and nurses offices at East have been bombarded with a plethora of sickly students.

Only three weeks into the school year and a stomach bug has been seemingly sweeping through the student body, metaphorically and quite literally, causing absences to soar and chaos to fizz. It seems  almost unavoidable, as it is hard to go through one day of classes without comments being made on the low attendance, or absent students and faculty. 

Mrs. Jera Guill, the primary woman in charge of attendance at East, stated that nearly 359 students in the last three weeks have been marked absent from school due to illness alone. Having the overall population of Lincoln East greatly surpassing its capacity does not assist in the problem either. The packed halls only contribute to the spreading of sickness at a more rapid rate. This is only one issue on the laundry list of repercussions that the students have to deal with in the battle with overpopulation.

It is extra important for students and staff to be sure to take the proper procedures when a sickness like this is spreading. Hand washing and getting plenty of rest are simple ways to hopefully avoid the spread of the unwanted bug.  The whole school year lies ahead, and there is still optimism in the offices that students won’t be so home-sick in the following weeks.