East Loses in a Close 3-set Game at Southeast


This Tuesday, September 4th, East varsity volleyball went head to head with the Southeast Knights. The first set started off fairly slow for the Spartans, with Southeast leading by five points. However, East had some incredible blocks from the two starting middles, Julia Holz and Haley Sprackling. Throughout the set, there were some questionable referee calls, as well as amazing kills from both teams, ultimately in the end, East fell short a victory and lost the set 23 to 25. 

The following set started the same way with the Spartans continuously trailing two or three points, until starting setter Emma Rust tied the game with a block. Even though East made some great hustle plays and amazing digs in the back row, Southeast managed to yet again pull another win 25 to 23. 

Set three showed some serious promise for the Spartan fans, as the girls kept it a close match, only falling behind two points. Brooke Peltz, the starting outside, was the star of the final set with five kills, and a couple of blocks. After some energizing hits from the two outsides, Brooke and Maddy, and two back-to-back blocks from Julia Holz, the crowd began to gain hope for the East Spartans. Sadly, that celebration came to a stop when the team began to fall apart. The defense seemed to be scrambled, unable to get a ball up or work together. Due to this unfortunate factor, East fell behind five points. It wasn’t until the end of the match, that East began to function again as a unit, but by then it was too late. An ace ended the game with a final score of 16 to 25. While this was not the Spartans best performance, the girls did show tremendous effort, and there is no doubt that they will continue to improve throughout the season.