Eyes on East Heroes: Kristy Manzitto

Kristy Manzitto explains the ups and downs of work in the East main office


Photo by Julia Ehlers

Ms. Manzitto working at her desk in the East main office.

Ms. Kristy Manzitto is the wonderful East Hero this week.  She’s been at East for two years so far, and loves it.  Most days, Ms. Manzitto comes into the office sometime between 7:00 and 7:30 each morning, varying based on when the rest of the office staff is coming in to work.  She does a lot of phone call answering, and helps out students with passes and finding the places and things they need. “Generally, I take care of whatever comes, whenever it comes in!”

Ms. Manzitto also works a lot on the announcements – trying to make sure that all of the clubs, activities, and other groups get the right information to her so she can get it into the announcements.  She feels that this is one of the most impactful parts of her job on a school wide level. “I don’t think students realize how much information is in there, and they don’t always realize where to find it, but it’s got a lot of good information.”

Not all of the office staff does the exact same thing as Ms. Manzitto.  “We all have certain responsibilities, but we all help each other out, too,” she says.  Some of these responsibilities range from tasks like payroll and student attendance, to helping out administrators and managing fees and fines.  “We work really well as a team, so if you’ve got a lot, you can say ‘Hey, can you do this, this, and this?’ and someone else will jump in and help out,” Ms. Manzitto explained.

This can also be part of the downside of her job.  When asked what the hardest part was, Ms. Manzitto told me that it was probably the multitasking.  “Sometimes there’s a lot to do, and it all kind of needs to happen at once.” But to balance it out, her favorite part is getting to interact with the students. “I love helping kids, helping them find answers, or helping them when they’re having a bad day, or just knowing when they’re having a good day,”  Ms. Manzitto said.

Ms. Manzitto does a lot of really important things for this school on a daily basis.  All those little things add up to make a big difference, so make sure you say thanks next time you’re in the office!