“Joker” Movie Review

I watched the film “Joker” this past Sunday on October 7th at Edgewood theatre. And first off, I am very picky when it comes to the movies I watch. I usually stick to academy award winners, and stay away from superhero films or booming blockbuster franchise films.


The movie itself was a masterpiece. It was just how I wanted the story to look and feel. Set in the 1970’s city of Gotham, it portrays a mentally disturbed clown living with his dying mother.

It’s the origin story of the antagonist/villain of Batman, and Joaquin Phoenix plays the character to perfection. In some parts of the film, his acting was so realistic it disturbed me. The actor lost more than fifty pounds to fulfill the role. Everything from his maniacal laugh, to his unsettling body figure and facial expressions made me unable to take my eyes off of him in what is sure to be an Oscar-worthy performance.

Adding to the ambiance of the film was the disturbing fact that the theatre itself had posted many signs and warnings, including signs warning against the wearing of masks and makeup, all of which are likely due to the despicable shootings in Aurora, Colorado, during the screening of 2012’s “The Dark Knight Rises.” There were two armed policemen outside of the theatre, and one inside who regularly checked the back doors for suspicious activities. It made the experience almost too real, but ultimately it could not detract from the amazing film on the screen.

I highly recommend watching it as soon as you can.

I will go watch it my second time this following weekend. 


“Joker” Theatrical Trailer

The theatrical poster.
“Joker” film poster