Basketball season opener

Find out how the start of Spartan basketball season is going so far.


Photo by Na

Lincoln East’s massive student section on Thursday’s game.

Lincoln East Girls VS. Lincoln Southeast

The Spartan’s Varsity Girls Basketball season officially kicked off on Thursday night (12/5/19) with a victory against Lincoln Southeast. The opposing team played with passion, and their student section brought immense enthusiasm along with them. East senior, Taylor Searcey, came out with a bold 3 pointer to start the first quarter at a fast pace, which concluded with the Spartans on top. Players worked as one unit and looked confident as well as determined on the court, showing great sportsmanship from both teams in the process. By the half, the Spartans were up 44-8 and the game concluded with an impressive 67-14 score, leading them into the rest of their tournament this week.

Lincoln East Boys VS. Lincoln Southeast

East Varsity Boys Basketball began their season on Thursday night (12/5/19) against Lincoln Southeast as well. Kicking off the game at a rapid pace and ending the first half with a nail biting 30-44 score, LSE leading. Fouls were commonplace within the beginning of the second half, as was an impressive block by senior, Pal Dak, as he left and swatted an attempted dunk. Both student sections were rowdy and bold in their efforts to encourage their team while effectively riling up the other players and students. The fourth quarter ended with the Spartans taking a loss, but putting up a great effort as they prepare for the remainder of their tournament.