Disney Plus


November 12th, 2019 marked a day in history when Disney Plus first became available to the public, following the long lasting buzz in media that has never shied from attention. What is Disney Plus you may ask? It is an advertisement free streaming service, that allows individuals to choose from an extremely vast selection of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars, and 20th Century Fox, movies and shows. Within a few days of the release this streaming sight had achieved nearly 10 million subscribers and took the internet by storm. Although the first days of this services availability was reaching a wide captive audience, it also had much difficulty with customers unable to log in, access certain content, and even an inability to connect to the service altogether. It has been a month following this popular release and there are opinions ranging all throughout the spectrum. Despite the media and unexpected glitches, Disney has yet again provided their fans with a family friendly and enticing way to keep their viewers involved.