2019 Show choir showcase


Photo by Kamryn Snyder

Lincoln East’s Show Choir performance at the showcase.

On Thursday, December 12th, East kicked off this year’s show choir season with the annual show choir showcase. All three show choirs at East include 166 singers as well as 20 student instrumentalists. Directors Aaron Zart and Lisabeth Wissink, as well as all of the students have been working hard since the beginning of August for this competition season.
Elevation, the prep show choir, is made up of 52 freshman-through-senior singers. At the showcase they performed three of their four songs all within the theme of time travel. The prep show choir shows great promise for the future of Lincoln East show choir
Elegance’s show was all about the idea of smiling. Performing songs like “Unbreakable Smile” by Tori Kelly and “Happy Face” by Destiny’s Child, Elegance’s show was lively and captivating. The select women’s show choir heads into the competition season with 53 highly talented singers and dancers throughout grades sophomore to senior.
Express is the varsity mixed show choir at East made up of 60 students and had done fairly well in past seasons. This year’s theme is all about letting yourself be happy and knowing that everything will be alright. The upbeat performance was filled with songs like “Good to be Alive” by Andy Grammar and “Zero” by Imagine Dragons, keeping you at the edge of your seat.
The Lincoln East Vocal Music department has gained a new teacher and director this year, Mr. Zart. Following in past vocal music director’s footsteps, all three show choirs performances were extremely impressive from the choreography to the vocals.This year’s competition season will hopefully be full of much success for all three groups and East’s brand new director.