Spartans battle back to victory despite 19-point deficit to start 4th quarter.


The Lincoln East bench expressing concern with being down 19 at the beginning of the 4th quarter this past Saturday. The Spartans went on to win against #5 Omaha Westside 68-65.

“We’re going to need to score a lot,” I jokingly said to my discouraged broadcasting team as the Spartan girls basketball team faced a 19 points deficit as the 3rd quarter closed out at Lincoln East High School this past Saturday.

Little did I know that in the coming minutes I’d witness one of the most shocking moments in high school sports I’d ever seen.

As the 4th quarter progressed, the Spartans forced turnover after turnover, and they began to chip away at the 20+ point lead the the opposition, Omaha Westside, had built.

Myself, as well as the packed gym around me, began to embrace the surrounding atmosphere as Charley Bovaird went on an 8-0 run by herself, cutting the hefty lead to only 6.

“We had to get three pointers to make up for all the points we were down by, so we were trying to get three pointers off to get back in the game fast,” Charley remarked about her impeccable run.

However, no one player can do it themselves. Taylor Searcey helped the effort with 16 points of her own. When asked about how the duo between Charley and her compliment one another, she stated, “Charley and I have different strengths that feed off of each other. I have the ability to drive and pull defenders off of three point shooters, which is where Charley is the best at. She can get her shot off so quick that defenders that don’t have a chance at closing out.”

The comeback was fed by anger and displeasure on the bench after being down 19 to begin the 4th quarter. Head coach Dennis Pritchard was angry and made no bones about it. “I was pretty pessimistic at the end of the the third quarter. I said that we’d dug ourselves too big of a hole. But at that point I started laying out what we needed to do in order to start the comeback, and that’s exactly what we did.”

If the team wants you to know anything about this big top 5 win Taylor Searcey proclaims “this win was so big for us. It showed people just how strong we are, and that together we can overcome any deficit.”