Cadenza 2020: A Mystery at the Symphony


Photo by Julia Ehlers

Students show the story of the Pink Panther during this year’s cadenza, “Mystery at the Symphony.”

Last Tuesday, February 11, the East Orchestras put on their annual Cadenza Concert. This year’s theme was “Mystery at the Symphony,” and their program had songs from Get Smart, James Bond, Hawaii Five-O, Ghostbusters, and more.
The night started out with a performance by Lux’s 8th Grade Orchestra. Then East senior soloist Alexis Christ sang a gorgeous French opera song, and double bass soloist Nathaniel Voegele played. After that, Ian Meyer, Ben Jacobsen, Brody Knaak, and Connor Peterson performed a 9-minute long classical piece, lulling the audience into relaxation.
Next up was the 9th grade orchestra with Get Smart and James Bond, followed by the East Symphony Orchestra with songs from Mission: Impossible, Hawaii Five-O, Ghostbusters, Scooby Doo, Soul Bossa Nova, Pink Panther, and Sherlock Holmes. Throughout the East Symphony, students who were dressed as various characters told the nonverbal story of the missing white violin.
Director Del Whitman came on stage in disguise, carrying the precious violin, and placed it behind the conductor’s stand. Various students came out, some stealing the violin from its perch, others trying to stop the villainous plot from continuing. During the last number, the first chair violinist stole the violin back, returning it to Mr. Whitman in disguise, who then threw off his wig, revealing his identity for the grand finale.
All in all, it was a wonderful night of orchestral music. East’s orchestras showed off their strengths, and hinted at a bright future in the making.