Lincoln East “Lifesavers”


Photo by Michael Frandolig

(Senior) Michael Frandolig gets his blood drawn at the annual NHS blood drive.

The National Honors Society hosted their annual Blood Drive behind the school on Friday, February 14th. Typically in the past there has only been one blood truck, but this year there were two trucks waiting for all of the eager samaritans who wanted to donate.

Statistics show that there were nearly 75 successful donations throughout the course of the day, affecting potentially 225 saved lives from the helpful donations.

The process took around 15 minutes for every individual that met the requirements and was able to donate blood. The process involved squeezing a foam ball every 5-10 seconds to circulate the blood flow, and two pints of blood were taken from each candidate. Afterwards, donators received cookies and juice to get the sugar back that they lost during the process.

It’s a worthy cause to keep on the radar for the next NHS blood drive!