Humans of Lincoln East: Hannah Robb


Photo by Photo courtesy of Hannah Robb

We all have something deep inside that is present from the moment we’re born, whether it’s a skill, talent, or passion. We are each blessed with a gift that makes us unique. Sophomore Hannah Robb is no exception. She discovered her passion for music early. In addition to her father’s influence, growing up watching singer/actress Amanda Seyfried perform on Mamma Mia! made a huge impact. “Music has always been a part of my life,” said Hannah. And so, with the support of her family, and many years of watching others perform, she took off. So far Hannah has been a member of the Lincoln All-City Girls Choir, D’Lux Show Choir at Lux Middle School, and Express Varsity Show Choir at Lincoln East High School.
One of Hannah’s favorite music memories occurred at the end of her eighth grade year. The last D’Lux performance was an 80’s themed show where she was surrounded by her friends. “It was just a perfect end to a perfect era in my life,” she said.
In her down time, Hannah plays piano and guitar, and on occasion, the violin. She has also written her own songs. One of her favorite songs is “Rockstar” by Great Big World, because it relates most to herself as an individual and her journey to find her place in the the world. When asked why she loves the genre, Hannah had this to say: “I love how music just gives you a way of expressing yourself to others, and it gives you the freedom to speak your mind.”
Outside of music, Hannah often journals her thoughts and ideas to use later, even writing her own stories. After high school, Hannah hopes to be accepted into Grand Canyon University and major in music. Her future career goal is to travel and perform either in a choir or as a soloist. She has already built an amazing portfolio at a relatively young age. And with her gift, she will impact others not just through her voice and music, but through her story as well. As the band Aerosmith would say, “Dream on!”