Humans of Lincoln East: Evy Isom


Photo by Devon Beechley

Evy Isom playing her guitar.

“Power through it, don’t give up”, wise words from a hard working student attending our very own school.

At first glance, Evy Isom, Lincoln East junior, may seem like a normal junior wandering the halls of East. However, as I have come to learn, she is a genuinely warm, caring, and fascinating individual.

Even though she claims she’s not an optimist, she certainly has many characteristics of a person who can see the brightness in the dark. Evy is a strong believer in hard work, becoming the manager at her job at just 16 years old. But an even stronger believer of spreading positivity, and empathy.

She’s a lover of all types of music and is passionate about playing guitar, ukulele, and piano. Not to mention an aspiring artist, who has even painted some works of her own. Her dreams are to become a traveling journalist and see the world. “I would hate working in an office. I need to get out and move around.” She’s very passionate about helping as many people as she can stating, “You never know what the person next to you in the hall is feeling. So I always try to be a friend.”

She certainly has a different view on life and tries to tell people to think things through in stressful times. And not to worry about the little things that don’t matter. Evy has had her fair share of dark days and understands what it’s like to be low. But she doesn’t internalize her feelings like most high school students, instead she tries everyday to be an inspiration and not judge people. She tries everyday to be warm and a friend to every person she meets.