Humans of Lincoln East: Anna Tessendorf


Photo by Isabella Villanueva

Anna Tessendorf showing off her amazing dance skills.

During this current COVID-19 outbreak, it is easy to get down on yourself and sometimes feel alone. But Anna Tessendorf wants to let the East Community know she is here for them and hopes to bring positivity to the classroom.

Anna Tessendorf, a sophomore, is a bright student that loves people, dancing, and the ukulele. She is a part of the Lincoln East dance team, a member of student council, a member of Leadership Lincoln, and also dances at Universal Dance Academy. She loves making music, baking macarons, spending time with her family, and cooking. She is an amazing person, friend, and student here at Lincoln East!

One thing that makes Anna, Anna is her love of dance. The day she heard East had a dance team she knew she wanted to be an Apollonaire. Anna is an amazing dancer who works really hard to make it on the Lincoln East dance team, and achieve her goals. She tried out her freshman year but unfortunately was turned down. Anna knows firsthand how important it is to be resilient mentally. When she didn’t make the team the first time, she let that push her to work harder, practice more, and take all the advice she could get. Anna tried out sophomore year and became a 2020-2021 Lincoln East Apollonaire.

“It’s not easy to always do things that are scary, but you shouldn’t be embarrassed about chasing after something that you really want,” she said.

Mental health can be a common issue among students and that’s why in addition to her passion for dance, she also has a passion for mental health. Anna believes it’s very important to be there for others and support people, especially her peers, who need it.

“I would just like people to know if you ever see me in the hallway or like, need somebody to talk, feel free to reach out to me,” she said. Anna is a great listener as well as communicator so if you need advice or just someone to listen she is perfect!

Overall, we are so lucky to have Anna Tessendorf at Lincoln East high school. It’s important to remember there are wonderful people like Anna, even in times as messy as the ones right now!