The show must go on

East show choir begins learning choreography for their next season


Photo by Lisabeth Wissink

Boys show choir doing a finishing pose to one of their songs.

As the leaves outside start to change, the Spartan show choir begins to play that funky music once more. This week, about 160 students are beginning to learn this year’s new songs and choreography for their upcoming performance in December.
A feeling of relaxing ease from the interviews I conducted was very common. With no real theme, this year’s show is a fun hodgepodge of different songs, some from previous years. The students’ competitions ranging from smaller performances to big ones like Southwest Showdown being officially canceled, directors seem to be a bit relieved. Now that they don’t have to worry about ‘Judges judging in the spring,’ they can just focus on having fun and gaining more skills.
“I’m feeling good about it so far this year, the kids are having fun. That’s kinda what it’s all about,” choreographer Matt Watson said.
Even though the season has been changed by the ever raining cloud that is 2020, the team is taking every precaution to keep their students safe. They are having half of the normal group and making sure they can keep them as distant as possible. And I’ve been assured by the performers that they wear masks at all times.
Even in the hardest of times, we can come together to heal. And for these driven and safe students, the show must go on!