One act season is now upon us


Photo by Emma Brown

Patrick Brown is working hard to memorize his lines for this year’s one act, “Booby Trap.”

It’s officially One Act season for the theater department at East High. The theater department at East has put on lots of great shows, such as “Peter and the Starcatcher,” “Get Smart,” and last year’s one act “Rumors of Polar Bears.” This year’s one act is called “Booby Trap.” It’s about a soldier in the near future who gets trapped by a landmine, and he recalls memories of his life while he waits to see what’s going to happen to him.
With covid going on, the theater looks very different for everyone. Patrick Brown, a senior at East, is playing the Drill Instructor in the one act, and explains that rehearsals have been made easier and safer.
“The blocking of the play has been created in a way where everyone can remain socially distanced on stage” Brown said. “The scenes are set up so not everyone is on the stage at one time.”
As far as competitions go this year, Brown doesn’t really know how it will look for sure. “We still have District One act, and State One Act competition dates on the schedule, and if everything goes well, I’m sure they are still going to happen.”
I also talked to a member of the tech for one act, Rachel Nelson, to see how things have changed. Rachel helps out with all sides of tech, but mostly helps with painting and construction. Tech is being very cautious with the constant threat of Covid.
“We have very strict distancing rules,” Nelson said. “We have to always stay six feet apart and wear a mask.”
Nelson also said that the theater department might be able to still perform “Booby Trap” at East with immediate family only.
Even with a pandemic going on, the theater at East High is staying positive and is still going strong.