84th Street closure: goal to improve appearance along the corridor


Photo by Joel Bierbower

A road closed marker along 84th and A; a snippet of what’s to come.

“Road closed to thru traffic.” A common orange and black sign frequently seen along the many curbs and corners of the community, especially during peak construction months. While a minor hassle for most, when it involves the route usually taken to school or work, there can be delays and longer travel times. Drivers will need to find a new route, creating additional traffic on alternate streets.
Recently, Lincoln Electric System (LES) announced their plans to close a section of 84th Street from Pinedale Avenue to Holdrege Street until March 2021, as well as the sidewalks and bike trail in the area. The scheduled work will eliminate overhead power lines as part of the LES Overhead to Underground Program. This closure will impact A Street access for East students coming from the north and south along 84th, forcing motorists to utilize 70th Street to travel within the area.
Lincoln East senior Savannah Mayer says, “I have heard of it! I think it’ll be a small inconvenience to others but nothing crazy! I do not have a new route plan.”
In addition, East science teacher Marcus Schmidt says, “I have not heard about the closure. I’m sure it will slow students down and make 70th street much busier. I think the 84th cruisers will need to find another street to cruise. I hope they don’t choose O.”
As of the writing of this article, the City of Lincoln has not responded to the request for a statement on this topic.
While the closure may seem insignificant at this time, it will progress into a bigger project in the coming months, impacting East students and staff as well as many commuters. Reliability and appearance will be improved upon completion, just in time for spring.