Humans of Lincoln East: Paige Brown


Photo by Kyra Rempe

Paige Brown, a triplet who lives in a family of six and loves animal.

Paige Brown: kind, funny, awesome are just some words I would use to describe her. Paige recently turned 17 and is starting her senior year at East. Something that makes Paige stand out in this big world is that she is a triplet, with Emma and Patrick Brown. She has an older brother named Garret, who’s going to college in Kansas.
“The best part about being in a big family is I always have someone to hangout with,” Paige said. “My parents are great, they aren’t too strict and they raised me to be a respectful human being, because of this I think I am a pretty kind human. In my family Emma is my ride or die, she is always there for me. I can always count on her to be there when I need to talk to someone. She is always open to hangout with me. Our favorite things to do together is play Animal Crossing. As for my brothers, I don’t hang out with Garret much when he is in town, and Patrick and I watch TV together which is pretty fun because he makes funny comments about what is going on in each scene.”
Let’s not forget the four legged members of the family. Paige has three cats, Phineas, Alice, and Sabrina, and a bird named Chico. I then went on to ask about how it is to live with such a big family.
“With a big family, privacy is hard to come by,” she said. “When I do need it, I just go to my room and close the door. If someone comes in then I let them know I need time to myself. I do put my headphones on when I am by myself.”
This year, Paige wants to focus on her mental health more. She wants to be better about knowing when to take a mental break from her busy life, whether it means taking a small break or just taking the day off. It is Paige’s senior year and it’s not what she expected.
“I just want my diploma already,” she said. Paige went on to say everything that made senior year exciting is canceled because of Covid. “I really just want to do online school only. I really liked when we got to do our school online at our own time.”
Paige is glad to almost be done with high school. She explained that “when I really want to do something or get something done, I get it done very quickly, but when I have no motivation I do procrastinate quite a bit.”
We then got to talking about middle school. “I thought I was so mature in middle school but I really wasn’t,” she said. “I also went through my emo phase in middle school too. Middle school was also a point in my life when I had a lot of stress.”
She continued to say that if she could, she would go back and tell her middle school self that life does get better. “I would tell myself not to worry so much and that you will go through tough times but it will even itself out and get better.”