Students talk about seasonal scents


Photo by Joel Bierbower

Just take it all in.

As the trees discard their summer green regalia, they reveal a beautiful agglomeration of red, orange, yellow, maroon, and brown. All this color appears against a contrasting deep blue sky, a striking display for our eyes. Mother Nature has changed her gown once again. And with the coming of winter, as well as the holiday trifecta, a new line of scents appears in stores and homes, providing a warm, welcoming embrace. Scents like Cucumber Melon, Suntan Lotion, and Ocean Breeze become Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Acorn Lane, Crushed Peppermint, and Crisp Morning Air.
Bath and Body Works has capitalized on the obsession with scent, especially candles. The emitted scent combined with a calm, comforting flicker and glow creates an easily marketable home accent. The Gateway location revealed over 50 different 3-wick candles made with essential oils, specifically for this time of year alone.
Interestingly, the sense of smell is unique to each individual. It impacts the sense of taste, the perception of others, and our surroundings. A scent that appeals to one individual may be overwhelming or repulsive to another. In addition, we associate specific smells with a person, moment in time, or memory related to a favorite food, holiday or location. A few students shared their favorite scents and accompanying memories.
A self-proclaimed candle enthusiast, Lincoln East senior Leighton Kasik has a few favorites. “Peppermint would define me because it’s very vibrant, and it’s a happy scent because it’s associated with Christmas,” Leighton said. “The smell of hairspray is always associated with show choir competitions and dance recitals which are both very special to me.”
Lincoln East senior Ella Laessig commented on the reason for her number one picks. “My favorite scent is either vanilla or lavender; vanilla because it’s just a warm, cozy scent and lavender because it’s calming,” Ella said. “In terms of scents associated with the seasons, cinnamon goes with fall for sure, peppermint for winter, floral scents for spring, and fruity scents for summer.”
As the temperature begins to drop, many of us will allow a candle to brighten our souls and our rooms, bringing warmth and nostalgia. After all, “Tis the Season” to “Welcome Home” and “Gather” for “Thanks and Giving”. Which scent will you choose?