Four great thrift stores in Lincoln that you need to check out

The main room in Glam House Thrift Shop located at 5740 Old Cheney Rd.

Are you looking for some new places to thrift in Lincoln? Are you tired of going to just Goodwill? Well lucky for you, we have found four thrift shops that may be new to you where you might find your next great piece. But first, we have some advice from an avid thrifter to help you make your decisions on your next purchase.
Jenn Cooper is the mother of two East students and is someone who thrifts about 4-5 times a week. She started a business reselling items 6 months ago and we asked her to give us a few tips!

“Go with your gut,” Cooper said. “If you love something you see then grab it. Don’t walk around the store/sale and think about it because it will be gone. Your first reaction to an item is usually how you really feel about it. If you walk away you will likely regret it later!”
Now, on to the thrift stores! For each thrift shop in this article, we’ll talk about what they sell, where it is located, price range, when they are open, and what rank we give them compared to the other stores we reviewed so that you know where to shop.

4. Bud’s Thrift
Bud’s Thrift is located at 2226 O St. At Bud’s, they sold clothing for men and women, house decor, and furniture. This thriftshop’s profits help people transition back into the community after they have been incarcerated. They are open Monday through Friday from 10am-5pm and Saturday from 10am-3pm. Prices here were affordable but they didn’t have a huge variety because the store was not that big. This place was okay but not as good as the others we reviewed.

3. Glam House Thrift Shop
Glam House is located at 5740 Old Cheney Rd. At Glam, they had a wide variety of clothing from t-shirts, pants, shorts, formal dresses, shoes, and jewelry. They had both men’s and women’s clothing, but more women’s clothing was available. Prices did vary but since they had some nice items I would say that prices were middle to high range but still affordable. They are open Tuesday through Friday from 11am-5pm and Saturday from 9am-5pm. We ranked them third because of the big selection in clothing and because we thought you could find something you want to take home here.

2. Ruby Begonia’s
Ruby Begonia’s is located at 1321 P St. Here they sold vintage clothing and accessories, like sunglasses, jewelry, belts, scarves, ties, shoes, hats, dresses and more. They are open Monday 2pm-6pm, Tuesday-Friday 12pm-6pm, Saturday 11pm-6pm, and Sunday 1pm-5pm. We ranked this store second out of the ones we reviewed because it was very cool and had some very special pieces but is kind of eclectic and not for everyone.

1. Cool and Collected Antiques
Cool and Collected Antiques is located at 3235 S 13th St. They are open on Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-6pm and Sunday from 12pm-5pm. This store was very, very cool. They sold a wide range of items here from household items, vintage clothing, unique decorations, figurines, clothing accessories, and more. This store is definitely somewhere to check out if you love thrifting or going antique shopping. Their prices vary a lot because of the huge variation in items and sellers so price is hard to gauge. We ranked this store the best out of the ones we reviewed because we felt that they sold so many items, you will definitely find something you like here.

Regardless of which store you choose, though, enjoy your thrifting experience!
“Go with a friend and just have fun!” Cooper said. “Sometimes I find a ton of amazing treasures and sometimes I leave with nothing. If you have a friend along you will have a fun experience either way!”

Overall, we hope you check out these thrift stores and find something that you love. Happy thrifting!