New DHM delays winter sports in LPS until at least December 7


Lincoln Public Schools, in coordination with Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird’s new Directed Health Measures, has delayed winter sports until at least December 7th.

Friday the 13th; superstition in western culture labels this day as one of the unluckiest days of the year. For LPS athletes, that superstition became a reality as, under Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird’s new Directed Health Measures (DHM), all indoor youth sports are under a moratorium until at least December 7th. This affects the start of the winter sports season in LPS as basketball, swim/dive, and wrestling will all be put on hold until the health measures are reevaluated on the 7th.
Winter sports tryouts were slated to begin on November 16th, and first competitions were scheduled as early as December 3rd. If the new DHM’s work as they are intended to and limit the spread of the Coronavirus in the community, then there’s a chance that LPS athletes would be able to practice and play games shortly after the 7th. However, if the DHM’s are extended, there likely would only be a slim opportunity for a winter sports season.
Athletes and coaches alike are understandably disappointed by the recent news but hope to be able to have a season eventually. “I don’t agree with pushing back winter sports until December 7th, but if that’s what is needed in order to have the rest of the season, then I can be patient for another three weeks,” senior point guard Olivia Kugler said. “Every girl wants a season so bad that we have decided to encourage others in our community to wear a mask and be cautious of large gatherings because we care so much about getting back on the court.”
In a statement to the Oracle, Lincoln East Athletic Director Zach Limbach said this, “I’m truly bummed for the student-athletes that have worked so hard to compete at the start of the winter season. That said, sometimes in life our civic duty is called to action. The health and safety of our athletes, their families, and our community are paramount in the decisions we make,” Limbach stated.