LPS is not replacing snow days with remote learning


Photo by Ava Bartels

If the snowfall this winter makes the journey to school unsafe, LPS will announce a snow day.

Due to many inquiries from students and staff alike, LPS has elaborated on how school days will be handled this upcoming winter. In the coming winter months, LPS was widely expected to replace snow days with remote learning days for all 42,000 LPS students. Snow days are days when school is canceled, and no student is required to go to school.
Previously, when there was an excess amount of snow or ice, the LPS school district would issue a snow day. Of course, with the students alternating between being at school or staying home, a surplus of snow wouldn’t get in the way of school carrying on. LPS Superintendent Dr. Steve Joel, commented on how the school district is planning on dealing with the approaching winter season.
“…if we have too many [snow days] then we’ll have to switch to remote learning,” Joel said.
“But I don’t think that snow days will be remote this year.”
Snow days aren’t in jeopardy if there is a regular amount of snow this winter. But, lover of the weather Chuck Morgan, says that the weather reports don’t hint to an abundance of incoming snow.
“We’re headed into a ‘la niña’ season. Which means cooler and dryer conditions,” Morgan said. “I’m betting on a lower than usual amount of snow days this year.”
Weather fluctuation can always take place. And LPS is prepared to get students to school no matter what. However, including this year, there will be exceptions if the amount of snow turns into a problem. Snow days will not be turned into remote days, if there is the possibility of a snow day at all.