Why you should take advantage of the variety of classes schools offer


Photo by Aden Buggi

Life decisions seem to be primarily made after being educated. However, you can still make these decisions earlier in your life, such as getting yourself involved in music. By taking advantage of the classes your school provides, you may find your pathway in life.

Coming into high school, I hardly knew what courses I could take. I took it as a trial and error period, in which I tried a class that seemed interesting, and decided whether I wanted to progress in this topic of study. I took several classes like this, such as Engineering Design and Outdoor Adventure. After executing and trying out different classes, I have found a passion for music. I play guitar and wanted to learn more, so I began Guitar I and later moved on to Guitar II. Over time it became more of an excitement to learn about music, and down the road I learned how to compose by taking a Music Technology class. I am currently enrolled in Music Theory. Looking back, I can see how deciding to study music has affected me thus far in my academic career.
I went in head first, seeking to learn more about music and the features of it. I would not have met such people, as Hector Trejo, an amazing guitar player, or Jeremy Wurst, a talented producer. You do not necessarily have to be the best at something to meet or learn from the best. I am not saying everyone should have to take music at some point in your life by any means, but finding a pathway within school, whether in college or high school, may help establish a network and find a career you enjoy. Even then, you can form relationships with people towards the same interests as Mr. Thorpe, a band director at East, did.
Senior Troy Goodman enrolled himself in Music Theory not fully knowing the knowledge he will be able to gain. “I knew there were things like chords and whatnot but I didn’t know the intricacies behind it. I didn’t know there was a lot more to it, aside from just playing the notes, because I have been doing orchestra, but I didn’t know exactly what put things together in such a nice way.” That having been said, Troy took a new class thinking he knew more than he would have learned. Trying new classes may unravel the curiosity and wonders of your potential.
Finding your way in life starts with baby steps. Mine for example, was finding music, which may tie me into being a producer, technician, or musician myself for my source of income. I gave myself a chance, starting from the beginning and working my way up with patience. If you want to take advantage of the opportunities you are given within high school or college, get involved in subjects you are interested in or curious about. You may learn more than expected from the start.
Music has become a huge part of my life. Music gave me the opportunity to learn more about it and form new relationships with people who have the same interests as me. I encourage everyone looking forward to stay open minded towards other classes or fields of study. You never know what may spark your interest.